Tradeswomen "pro tips" about life on the tools

We asked our panel what their biggest misconceptions were before they started working in a trade and the advice they wish they had been given. Because you know the saying, "if one person says it at least another dozen are thinking it"...

What is the biggest misconception you had about working as a tradesperson before you started?

The biggest misconception I found personally in the start was thinking that I would never be as good as the boys. Alana Davies - JT Plumbing

The hours. That you can work long hours to finish a job. It's NOT a 9 to 5 job. Jackie Mason - Mason Plumbing

Working in a male dominant trade/workplace, I thought I’d be treated differently because of my gender but as soon as I started everyone didn’t treat me any less or more than the opposing gender. Toni Rhind - Pacific Steel

That tradies were not well off people and there wasn't a big demand for them. Jessica Moverley, Apprentice Carpenter

That everyone thinks that only men can do this job. Yeah, I get it. It is a male dominated industry but I have met and heard of so many females in the automotive industry that are doing really well. I am the only female in my workshop but I don't think that will be the case in the near future. At least I hope not. I may not be the BEST just yet, but watch me try get there. Elaine Pereira - Trucks & Trailers

Best piece of advice that you can share with aspiring tradies?

Be brave! Be Humble! Try new things out of your comfort zone! Learn to laugh things off and not to take things so personally and at the end of the day we have the power to accomplish anything we put our minds to! Alana Davies - JT Plumbing

Enjoy your work. If it is unsafe, or you feel unsafe SAY SOMETHING. Jackie Mason - Mason Plumbing

Be brave, Be ambitious and enjoy what you’re wanting to do. It’s a lot more clearer to build a successful path. Toni Rhind - Pacific Steel

No matter what your size, big or small, there is always a way of doing a job. Jessica Moverley, Apprentice Carpenter

ATTITUDE IS KEY! If you have the right attitude anything is possible. Employers want employees that are committed to the job they are doing no matter what it may be. Elaine Pereira - Trucks & Trailers

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